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If you are having a problem with your shopping cart please try to resolve the issue via the admin suite. You can access the admin suite by visiting your store and replacing everything after
/cgi-bin/<your store>/ with admin/login.html. If you have used the admin suite to make a change and it has not taken affect please make sure you have clicked "Apply changes". If we have not helped you here please use our feedback form or call (317) 698-1193 .

SSL Certificates
If your SSL cert has expired or is incorrect please contact us via phone asap. (317) 698-1193 If your shopping cart is not using the secure server let us know or modify the secure server address from the Administration link in your admin suite to read
https// rather then http//.

MajorDomo has a built in help feature. E-mail and put help (and only help) in the body of the email. MajorDomo will respond to you with its help dialog.

Additional help can be found at Majodomo's Official Website.

or use our feedback form or call (317) 698-1193


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