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Shopping Carts >> Redhat Interchange

Redhat Interchange is a full service shopping cart. Redhat Linux releases the shopping cart free of charge and offers support contracts to offset the free software. We at DifferNet are well versed in the Interchange software which we have used for quite some time. We are now on release 4.6 and find the Interchange suite to be robust enough for all our customer's needs.

For more information about Interchange visit RedHat.

You can also download our Administration How-To.

In order to use online transactions in your business it is necessary to have two additional pieces. The first piece is a merchant account. As a business you probably already have a merchant account for use at your store. In most cases your current merchant account can be expanded to include online transactions. The second piece necessary is an SSL Certificate. DifferNet is a Thawte Hosting Partner and gets discounts on SSL Certificates for your site. The SSL cert allows for secure transactions. I am sure you have seen the "You are entering a secure site" warning messages upon entering a web storefronts "checkout line". Without this certificate you cannot guarantee to your customers that their credit card numbers are not being intercepted in transit.

These two items are usually the largest expense incurred upon startup of an online store. They also usually pay for themselves very quickly. The trickiest part of an online store is deciding what to sell in it.


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